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Swastha Hita (Ayurvedic way of Healthy Living)

Education. Swathahita

Ayurveda as a lifestyle and functional medicine getting a lot of popularity now a days. There is a number of articles available on internet about what Ayurveda is and its principles. Often it’s seen in our clinical practice that people get confused with the reading materials available on internet as they are in different standards and on both health and disease status.
Thinking of these facts we have designed a course for commoner to understand Ayurveda in terms of food and lifestyle for a healthier life. Also helps to have basic understanding of using home remedies for prevention of common ailments.
Course Structure:-

1.Course is spread across10weeks.
2.1day's worth of 6hrs are done in a class room /workshop pattern.
3.Rest of the course will be live and interactive online lessons.
4. Will have another 4weeks worth of teacher support by email or phone.

During this 10 weeks you will learn about
•How Ayurveda looks at Human body, Health.
•How to have a tailor made routine for you and your family based on Ayurveda.
•How to use some home remedies.
Online classes are done as live interactive classes , these will be available for streaming for 1week.
Days when we teach daily routine and body type and Home remedies will be in workshop pattern.

Investment:- £600

This course is accredited by Complementary Medical Association

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Know your Gut; An Ayurvedic Approach

Education. Spices

A 2 hr webinar about the Ayurvedic understanding of digestion, IBS and leaky gut and other digestion issues. During this we will be discussing how your unique digestive capacity and foods to nurture your gut health.
Cost:- £20

Clinical Mentoring

Coming soon.....

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