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Agnihealthcare has Ayurveda clinics in London and Upminster, Essex.
Our team's approach to health and well- being is by adapting traditional Ayurvedic values to modern lifestyle. We consider the present-day life-style and diet patterns with 'unique you' concept of Ayurveda, hence the health journey is tailor-made to each individual.


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We are able to offer consultations ranging from a full Ayurvedic consultation to 'online' consultations. During Ayurvedic consultations, our Vaidyas are going to assess you based on detailed traditional Ayurveda way of examinations as well as a contemporary style of health check-ups. Consultation appointments are available in Harley Street and East London locations.

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Agnihealthcare runs several courses to help you understand Ayurveda in terms of food and lifestyle for a healthier life. We offer basic courses in Ayurvedic understanding of your body and basic professional courses in Ayurvedic diet and Nutrition.

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We offer authentic Ayurveda treatments specifically tailored as per individual health needs in Canary Wharf and East London locations. We also offer tailor-made Panchakarma programme for individual health needs in different locations around London.

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